"We’ve been using BAM-FX for about six months on our commercial nursery and farm company and have shortened our harvestable regrowth from 73 days to 58 days, with excellent success with regrowth on other crops."

Ron Trunk
Owner Iron Mountain Nursery & Farm Stage Coach, NV

"I have used BAM-FX on multiple crops for both outdoor field trials and greenhouse settings. I believe the product is very beneficial as a precision agricultural product for efficiently supplying highly bio-available forms of Zinc, Copper, Nitrogen and Sulfur to crop plants.

BAM-FX’s formula, with its unique ligand chemistry, has multiple growth-promoting effects and markedly enhances both crop yields and the nutritional quality of crop plants, that are subsequently bio-fortified with nutritionally relevant levels of Zinc."

John L. Freeman
PhD Plant Biochemist, Molecular Biologist, Food Chemist Director of Scientific Affairs & Principal Investigator Intrinsyx Technologies Corporation, NASA Ames Research Park

"I have been trialing your product, Bam-FX, out here at my commercial avocado growing operation, Rancho Los Lobos Avocado Growers, Fallbrook, CA and have been seeing some very interesting results from your product." Open Full Letter

Bob Schaar
Rancho Los Lobos avocado Growers