Patricio Madariaga

Vice President, Chile & Americas
Patricio Madariaga

Patricio Madariaga has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of international business and agriculture. He is a former pioneer of developing Chilean agricultural exports worldwide.

Patricio was an active participate, appointed by a former Chilean President, in the opening of ProChile (The later Chilean Department of Commerce), a highly successful export promotion center and later he was appointed as Trade Commissioner by the Chilean government, with jurisdiction over the West Coast of the United States with full authority from the US Department of State. This position allowed Patricio to help and support the development and introduction of different products into the market place, beginning with the development of fresh fruits and vegetables, once my team was able to prove the Chilean Central Valley was similar to the San Joaquin Valley. Once proven, UC Davis and Catholic University of Chile, plus a number of US Universities, joined forces to educate Chilean agronomists to develop the first fruits suited to the American pallet.

Thompson seedless, Flame and Riviere grapes, nectarines, berries, peaches and apples were developed and, from then on, a variety of fruits and vegetables grown in the San Joaquin Valley were replicate in Chile’s Central valleys. For instance, Chile at that time had no Hass avocados and today we are exporting more Hass avocados worldwide than any other known country.

Following his appointment as Trade Commissioner, Patricio was appointed Consul-General for the Chilean government, with offices in Los Angeles, CA. The Public Relations and door opening in the San Joaquin Valley was not easy since at the very beginning of developing the Chilean agricultural markets as few understood Chileans lived in opposite seasons and many US growers perceived competition from the emerging Chilean agriculture industry. We solved the problem by accessing the fruit grower’s unionized organizations, chambers of commerce and Associations and implementing agricultural trade missions which resulted in the establishment of strategic partnerships with US/ San Joaquin Valley growers. Chile’s former President Piñera and our newly elected President Bachelet have kept a very close relationship with UC Davis as well as with other US Universities for both countries students exchange and technological developments in agriculture.

Patricio has represented and worked for a long list of local and US companies and government agencies from Chile in the US and from the US in Chile. He has spent most of his life traveling and working between both countries.

Today, Patricio’s family splits time between the US and Chile. He has two daughters- one is an American citizen in the US and one in Chile- and three American grandchildren in Orange County CA and three grandchildren studying at Universities in Chile.