James Stottlemyre, Ph.D.

Director, Agronomy & Plant Sciences
James Stottlemyre, Ph.D.

Dr. Stottlemyre spent 20+ years at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the Earth & Environmental Sciences Division. He specialized in soil physics and chemistry and the interactions with biological ecosystems. He also spent three years as Director of the Energy Research Advisory Board reporting to the Secretary of Energy. His mission was to revamp DOE’s programs directed at the commercialization of science and technology emanating from the National Laboratories. Jim then spent 10+ years in the financial industry to better understand the role of capital and investments.

His lifelong passion has been assisting new science and technology make a real difference in the world. The can be daunting and too often promising IP withers on the shelf. However, helping bridge this huge gap can be incredibly rewarding.

Jim lives in the heart of one of the largest agricultural areas in North America. This region includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. By 2050 there will be 9.5 billion mouths to feed increasing the demand for food by 60%. This must be accomplished by balancing food security, nutrition, resource availability, environment sustainability and economic reality. The agricultural industry of the 20th century must look much different in the 21 st century. In his new role with BAM Agricultural Solutions, Inc., Jim intends to play a part in this critically important mission.