Glenn Stinebaugh

Senior Vice President
Glenn Stinebaugh

Glenn A. Stinebaugh has over 25 years of industry experience in Executive Management, Strategic Planning (including joint ventures and strategic partnerships), Business Plan and Tactical/Marketing Plan development and implementation, Economic Development, Marketing, Research and Analysis, Project Management and Cultural Program Development.

He has a successful consulting background in executive management, market development and market penetration/expansion (domestic and off-shore), team building, manufacturing, sourcing (domestic and off-shore) and marketing in a variety of vertical industries including agriculture, sustainable and renewable energy technologies and products, mining, consumer package goods (CPG), textile/apparel, retail and specialty operations, Information Technology, media and entertainment, product placement/product integration and electronics.

Mr. Stinebaugh is a founding member of Marketing Group of the Americas/Integrated Natural Resources, an international executive management, marketing, research, analysis and business/strategic planning consulting organization with associate offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, Melbourne, Australia, Montreal, Canada, Lima, Peru and Santiago, Chile. He has built management teams, executed Board-level strategies, created Business Plans, performed research/analysis and developed strategic, financial and tactical marketing plans for a number of global organizations in their efforts to position new technologies, expand market share or penetrate new markets, both domestically and offshore.

Mr. Stinebaugh has planned and led numerous trade missions, focused on agriculture, from South America to the U.S. while planning and implementing various U.S. State Missions abroad, including several economic development and trade missions to Australia and SE Asia. He has served as Vice President/Strategic Planning for FIBERTECH, Inc. (Brandella Knitwear)/Fiber Technology Group of Melbourne, Australia where he developed and implemented a global business plan and marketing strategy for the company’s proprietary technologies and processes.

Mr. Stinebaugh has worked with various public and private sector organizations to create “value added elements” to raw material production, and has assisted in the creation of global markets for finished products. Working with the State of Texas and (former) Governor Ann Richards, has was part of a Committee that developed the standards and criteria for Texas’ Organic Industry. In addition to working with a number of United States firms, he has been a consultant to the governments of Australia, Ontario and Quebec, Canada; Chile; France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Peru, South Korea and Japan, as well as the States of Oklahoma, Texas and Nevada.

Currently, he is collaborating with groups instrumental in developing and implementing sustainable agricultural initiatives and economic development, creating business and marketing plans, “brand” development and implementation planning. In April 2012 Mr. Stinebaugh reinstated his non-profit (501-c- 3) foundation, the Global Phoenix Foundation.