BAM-FX and Precision Farming

BAM-FX (Bio-Available Mineral Formula-X):

  • A commercially available, liquid micronutrient product that no other company can offer. This patented, break-through technology was originally developed for NASA astronauts to grow fresh, robust and nutrient dense food crops in space. BAM-FX offers substantial agricultural benefits here on Earth.
  • BAM-FX is also a bridge technology platform that has synergistic benefits when combined with other crop production inputs.
  • BAM-FX enables the efficient uptake of its perfectly paired 7% zinc and 2% copper minerals directly into the cells of plants, which results in increased yield and quality, plant stress tolerance, nutritive value and, in some crops, a reduction of NPK fertilizer requirements.
  • We have conducted extensive field trials worldwide on a large variety of crops across a broad range of climates and conditions that have consistently demonstrated the enhanced value and efficacy of using BAM-FX as a part of a grower’s program.

How BAM-FX works and why it’s different:

  • Whether applied by soil drench and/or foliar spray, it’s the bioavailability of the minerals that makes our product different.
  • BAM-FX is a positively charged Zinc and Copper solution balanced together in a specific ratio, along with ~25% Sulfate and ~0.2% Ammonia.  
  • This unique blend of positive electrical charge combined with the most bioavailable forms of these elements (Zn, Cu, S, N) results in far superior absorption and utilization of available minerals.
  • It has a low pH, which stimulates root growth.
  • BAM-FX increases performance, in some cases with a reduction in NPK application.

Other features:

  • BAM-FX can be applied alone or in combination with other products, such as standard NPK fertilizers and fungicides.
  • BAM-FX tank mixes well with liquid fertilizer and other commercial standard farming practice products.