Science of BAM-FX for Agricultural Technology

How does the BAM-FX formula transport highly bio-available, balanced, ionic minerals quickly into a crop plant (grass, plant, vine, tree)?

Most micronutrient products on the market that are advertised as “bio-available minerals” have minerals that are bonded by salts; this requires the plant to expend excessive amounts of energy to separate the ionic minerals from the salt. The ionic minerals in BAM-FX are not bonded with salt and therefore will be translocated to the entire plant after being introduced by drench or leaf treatments.

BAM-FX is more fully absorbed, preventing mineral salts that can cause run-off into streams and well water. BAM-FX has demonstrated the uptake of other minerals while breaking down the salts in the soil and establishes higher levels of nutrient utilization meaning the plant is actually obtaining additional nutrients. As a result, macronutrient fertilizers may be used more sparingly.

The BAM-FX formula contains zinc and copper in a 7:2 ratio, in a patented formulation of Bio-Available Minerals for easy uptake by the plant.

About the BAM-FX™ Chemistry

  • The BAM-FX formula is made up of Positively Charged Ionic Molecules = Bioavailable Mineral Nutrient Fertilizer- BAM-FX
  • BAM-FX is a highly positively charged cationic Zinc2+ and cationic Copper2+ solution balanced together in a specific ratio, along with sulfate and ammonium.
  • Positive electrical charge and the molecular structure allow BAM-FX to easily cross or diffuse through crop plant cellular membranes of leaves and roots.
  • The BAM-FX formula appears to help plants counteract the reactive oxygen species and free radical formation often created inside environmentally stressed plants due to flooding, excessive heat, drought, over-fertilization, wind and excessive chemical use, frost damage, excess salt and boron.
  • When applied as a soil drench BAM-FX stimulates root growth and, due to its low pH, BAM-FX also helps solubilize minerals in the soil which allows crop plants to uptake ions that are often times unavailable in the soil matrix.
  • Extensive field trials on a large variety of crops across a broad range of climates and conditions have consistently demonstrated the enhanced value and efficacy of using BAM-FX as a part of a grower’s overall program.

For whom is this intended.  This may be too lengthy to expect most potential customers to read through it.  Perhaps some of the repetitive elements can be removed.  Also, it probably would be worthwhile to add some quantitative examples of yield and quality improvements, as well as a sample of the crops on which BAM has been tested.