A commercially available liquid

Micronutrient Product

that no other company can offer.


The innovative science of BAM-FX…

Hidden Hunger

the solution lies in growing

nutrient dense

food crops

Increase your ROI

Lower fertilizer usage

Higher crop yield and quality

Doing our part

The future belongs

to those of us still willing

to get our hands dirty

Crop Specific Solutions to Increase ROI in Agriculture

BAM-FX Helicopter Application













Western Growers Magazine

Solutions for World Agriculture

  • Sustainable Agriculture Products

    The key to sustainable agriculture, remineralizing the soil, increasing the nutritive value of our food and preserving our water sources lies in Precision Agriculture technology and techniques.

  • Precision Agriculture Technology

    Precision Agriculture – is site-specific; taking into account the specific crop as well as soil, water and weather conditions along with other factors to reduce the misapplication of products and increase crop and farm efficiency.

  • Innovative Products to Increase Crop Yield

    Innovations in agriculture are transforming the way we grow food and other crops. New science, like BAM-FX, has triggered the evolution of conventional farming practices to increase efficiency, crop yield, plant stress tolerance and nutritive value while reducing NPK fertilizer requirements. Quantum Leap

  • A Precision Agriculture Product

    BAM-FX is a commercially available, liquid micronutrient product that no other company can offer, which enables the efficient uptake minerals and other micronutrients directly into the cells of plants with a minimal expenditure of energy. Intro to BAM-FX

Challenges to the Global World Agriculture Markets

0,000,000,000 Population growth and the number of people needed to feed by 2050
0% The Global Need to increase yield, quality and nutritive value from existing acreage.
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